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Holes… adventures in stop motion

So, instead of coming here and just putting up this video and then fucking off, I wanted to talk a little about what the actual fuck I am doing.

Amberley made a decision to combine poetry with something I have always wanted to do but never had the guts to give it a go… and that is stop motion animation.

This particular piece took… I dunno. I’m a mother. There is nothing I can do without being interrupted multiple times. How’s about you imagine drawing a 3 millimeter line very carefully, making sure the camera is in focus, making sure you are not in the shot, backing away, taking the photo then coming back to do it again… Six hundred and thirty two more fucking times!

On a completely unrelated note, my back and shoulders are killing me. Another unrelated note, I’m lying. They are related. My back and shoulders hurt because I did 633 reps of standing crunches and shoulder lifts.

But… I enjoyed it. I made something similar to what I had intended creating. I faced obstacles and fixed them without resulting to murder or sacrificing the innocent. And I am giving something a go that I have always loved and I am not completely dog shit at it.

So, here is Day 3 of Creeptober. HOLES.

Please don’t forget to go see what Byron over at Dried Ink Ribbon is up to. His horror poetry has been on point this season. Just wait until you see what he has instal for “Fingers” … it’s awful. I love it.


19 thoughts on “Holes… adventures in stop motion”

    1. Thank you! There will be more to come. I plan on doing a mini one every day fir October to strwngthwn my skills… then I will be starting to tackle mu big poems… I have actually already started my first poem I ever put on my blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


  1. I’m impressed!! – You actually counted 632 repeats huh?? 😉

    Holes can also be very bad when it’s dark and you don’t know exactly where they are…. kinda freaky in fact. 🙂

    Just think how ripped you’ll be after a whole month of this?!

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    1. The app I use tells me how many frames I have done so I know how many more to do. Say if I want it to be 15 frames per second or higher but go gor 30 seconds then I know I have to do at least 450 frames…

      And yes! Holes that you know are there but are not sure of their exact location are a broken ankle waiting to happen.

      Yes! I am so sore today! 🤣

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