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Grimy mirror depths
I stare into your stained surface

I cannot stop
my hands
my body
possession entrapment

I beg to look away
as my mouth opens wide

every day it takes another
bone ache bloody
greasy pliers clutched in trembling hands
fists tight

not again

I try to fight
or scream
lips Curl back from ugly gums
trypophobia gristle carnage

the pliers grab another
back and forth
and back and forth
crunching agony

Vermillion spills over silent lips

at least this cannot go on forever
death will come eventually
I just wish they would stop growing back.

Day 2 of Creeptober!

Don’t forget to check out Byron over at Dried Ink Ribbon for all the creepy goodness…

Thanks to Omega Black and Orphic Sowfor hosting this creepy art fest.


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