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Darkest leaves, Brimful

Knocked off my feet
rough and tumble
caught as if by some voracious Predator

breath forced from my body
A Rush
of Blood and fear and excitement
the feeling of long hair on my skin
The Scent of her

my her
“my princess”

I open my eyes to see her atop me
hair the red brown of river stones shining
Eyes the green of only the darkest leaves

Brimful beauty
her eyes deep like pools
that which the bottom I cannot see
but something dark
like sadness
Lurks within

“have your way with me”
she says


“Come, Hollow boy, be done with me”
she Whispers

I reach up to her face
she flinches away
frightened animal reaction

this is not how it should be
this is not how our first meeting should play out

my princess
me, her prince

I do not wish to simply be done with her
the gods have brought us together
I will not waste such a gift

sitting up
smiling, no words

hold her close
I feel her animal heart thudding panic

I kiss each painted eyelid
Each flushed cheek
hold her painted hands in my own
wrap her up in my safety
wrap her up in my love

“boy, what are you doing?”
she Whispers

her eyes dart, scared

“loving you”

I answer

A raven cries out above me

I glance at its blackness against the blue
Trouble is coming

Quick like flame
Steel at my throat
She has me on my feet
My hair pulled back tight
Exposing throat

I do not fight her

Blade slices rope from neck
Mother and father
Their protection hits the ground

“You’re coming with me”
The predator growls

Please go check out Byron’s latest poem over on Dried Ink Ribbon.

His story lines in this world are evolving so wonderfully…


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