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How soon is now

How far is the distance between your fingertips and mine

Interlocking laces reaching grabbing
Weaving and intertwined like vines of thorns and flowers scented sweet
The alchemy of mysterious gestures
palmar grasp reflex

What is the average of your inhales and my exhales

Terrible stretches of small eternities
When you hold your breath
It makes me breathless
Monstrous and infinitesimal
Chest aching like ineffable limerence
Autumn ellipses drawn out longing
Changing colour to color
Life to death and back again and again

When is the beginning of you and the start of me

Edges blurring into luminescence
Neither ending
Continuous Supine encircled enfolding within
Nefarious giggling like wicked stares
Mellifluous in my ears
Sounds dance across my skin as if they had feet of their own
Flesh aquiver without your hands close by
The delicious grace of tooth and nail devine

How soon is now

Now is the moments between heartbeats
It is the chaotic tumble crash of firsts
Now is time and sweet darkness and whispers
Now is serendipitous amazing
Now is delirious unbelieving luck
Now is emotions glittering furiously
Now is aggressively passionate sweetness
Now is sooner than it was yesterday


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