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across the maw

In darkness
Behind painted lids
I walk
Stepping carefully

Trying to smell
To sense beneath
The earth and leaves and decay

My mountain home is steep
Actively listening

Branches brushing swish
Twigs brittle crunch
Leaves dry shuffling hiss

A distant scuffle
Panicked breathing heaving
Clawing screams
Whispered falling of thresh

I wish I could hear silence
Beneath my heartbeat
But I hear only whimpers
Sobs calling for help
Below deep
This, my kin
Their favor was not with the gods

I stop my trek
Everything inside me
Fallen brethren
You deserved better

“Open your eyes”
Caws Raven
“It is time”

Eye lids flickering
But I am not struck down where I stand

The chasms gaping toothy mouth
Drooling hungry
Dripping sharp death
How many of my kin
Have you devoured?

I look across the maw
A boy
Sweet faced
Trusting stumbles
A ghost smile tugs at the corners of his lips
Dark hair
Hollow born
Talisman and rope around delicate neck

Ten steps
And he will be another treat for yhis hollow mountain
Nine steps
Till he meets his end

I dash around
Footfalls loud enough to cause him to start
Eight steps
Seven steps

I cannot call out to him

Six steps

I run now

Five steps
His blissful face
So trusting
So so trusting


I dive
Pushing back
I land atop him

His eyes are still shut tight

“My… princess?”
He speaks…

He is not dead

I’m sorry I am late!!

Byron was on time though!

Go check his out over on Dried Ink Ribbon.


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