After The End, bloggity blog, poetry

black phantasm blue

I stagger towards
The Brimful mountains
Prodigious blue wave of earth
It’s only a day’s hike

already I am
Body tired
Mind tired
Mind and body

I ache

My skin feels dry
Without my ocean blue near
My heart, empty
With her body so far
Dead lifeless floating

Heart and mind
Body and blue
Heart mind body blue

Heart body
Blue like death
Mind heart
Blue like pain

I stumble
Falling onto the black stone path
That which serpent winds its way to my goal

Satchel, like heart
Empty and yet heavy

I thought it to be empty

Metallic scatter
Jingling tumble
I watch the coin
Roll and clunk
Then silence

Fingers reaching
Across the rough black
Phantasm blue
Dead and dying fingers
Handing me the coin

Her before me
As if still in her liquid salt grave
Medusa snake hair wafting golden

Breath stuck in my throat
I know she is not real
I know she is dead
I know death
I know

I pluck the coin from her ghostly blue fingers

The coin
I recognise it
Ancient relic
Many I have found

Soldiers on one side
King on the other
Two sides

The powerful
And the powerless

The rich
And the poor

The warlord
And the warriors

How many died
For this king’s cause

Flipping coin
Over and under
Finger to finger

My love
Is gone again
I am alone once more

I slip the coin back in my satchel
Pick myself up

The sun burns high
I can make it by night fall

So tired

But sleep is for the dead
And I refuse to join her just yet

Byron’s was great this week also! Go check it out on Dried Ink Ribbon.


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