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In death’s oubliette
now the wait
and now
Thud thud
opulent darkness in enchantment
bone unearthed
trembling in time
haematic undulation
rhythmic thudding
skeletal phantasm
lights elongate
angelic screams
every movement agony
engulfing Inferno
tomb Shadows
owl pupils illuminated looking
looking down on
the apparition narcose
yellowing teeth horns
incandescent nails growing
tortuous heat
in slumber
hellish ectopia and Transcendence
jabberwock umbilical stretching
make it stop
Inferno deluge
offering nothing
taking worlds away
not Time
Traps open
Dreadful is everywhere
bloody ungulate tongues dripping offence
not time
worlds away
now time to die
Beast unnerving
taking worlds away
no time
tripping over
dark is enveloping
borrow us time
Estrella my
beauty awakens Bliss ethereal
worlds away
kaleidoscope eyes
ultimate purpose
wake up

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