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souls offering flesh

Mysterious yesterdays bound of dying years
I sound introspective now cause one moment passed like eternal tears evolving

wishing I took hold of us tonight
your open understanding
I linger on nothings
giving them out by eating broken laughter

Its sinfully simple flavour us
loving like young eagerness
now tame angels
nestled gloriously like edges dying

without infinity
time hurrries
yours ours us

To work out signs in deadly epiphany souls
offering flesh
an obsession notation epitome

see I don’t expect darkness
sacrifice has a peculiar effect
In narrating this ethereal romance
collecting oaths

not needy
eccentric creatures trusting evil delights
Sorcery tales are rare
copper roses
only seduction
shrouding everything dirty

Of fantasy we offer loving future
a near destiny
bare endurance allways resuscitation

We eagre
delicate echolalia
voyer of ultimate radiance
each other
I hunt under night glow edacious radiance

abject napeae devil
this home is ready
so torturous

from obsidian rain you only uvid
I need everything except deceit

yeah oh undeify

Incantations left over via euphoria
yours ours us

Flowing underground
rigorous inspiration of Ursula
sacredly loving you



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