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gods’ eyes fall

Sigils and signs
Giving protection
Mother’s talisman
Father’s rope
around my neck
Markings of magic
Of the gods

Trees whisper
the names of my ancestors
Telling me this
this right now
is where I should be

leaving my cave home
the hill in front of me
it’s peak too high to see
the place where the gods’ eyes fall
the place where I will meet my soul twin

third born of my blood
I have dreams of her my whole life
magnetic pull strong
opposite sides and yet

we are destiny
I Feel It
by the gods’ design

I close my eyes
I walk with my clan
with my kin

Mother warned me
not to stop
even if I hear screaming

I am scared
but I am brave
bravery cannot exist without fear
Like Fire and oxygen
fish and water
me and her

my love
My Brimful beauty
how I have longed for thee
I will love you

you will be my princess
my queen
like the days before the end

I will worship at your feet
I will give you everything your heart desires

Father taught me
worship only two things
the Gods
and your love
respect both
be kind to both
and they will show you the Stars give you a sign
protect your heart better than any sigil ever could
burn brighter than any candle
make your heart beat harder
than any drum thudding
meditation Melody strong

my parents taught me love
they taught me trust
they taught me everything I know

as I take this long walk up our Hollow Mountain
the last journey I will take as a boy
I think of the life that stretches in front of me
thinking of all I have left to learn
I think of the time soon
when I come back as a man
with my love in my arms
ready for a life of love
and Magic
and learning

Byron posted his poem early and I have posted mine late… so everything is right in the universe… go check out his over on Dried Ink Ribbon


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