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coming home

The leather squeaks as I shift nervously

The plane comes in to land, fidgeting fingers showing the race of my mind

Butterflies seems an inadequate description

Turbulent, rocking, riling in my belly

A flock of harried crows quarrel in my stomach

Snakes and spiders and bugs creep and writhe

Tap tap tapping the seat as I watch the doors

Longest walk off the giant metal bird of death, feet happy on unfamiliar soil

My phone buzzes and I check if it’s her

He is the first person I message

“Landed and we’re unboarding! See you soon, love!”

Actually see each other… no glass or space between

I smile like a fool, face flush with color

Electricity like crackling lightning fire burning… this is my excitement

Now I take a deep breath and stand up

I hold my breath

Pacing a bit, feet unable to find rest now we’re so close

Like the marathon homestretch

Somehow time seems to slow and elongate

Gravity pulling me towards him

Like nearing a singularity

Time is relative

The closer we were the slower it got

I can hear the clock tick with every heartbeat, every footstep closer… close

The farther she felt

I’m so nervous jittery wonderful

As if time would not allow for this to be



I cannot wipe the grin from my face

I see her smile through the glass

Kids almost excited as me… almost

Little ones tagging along behind

…we step through the door and I see him. Time stops.

As they step through the door

I run, air knocked out of us as we collide. We never liked breathing much anyway.

I am there to embrace them

I never want to let him go again

Love overflowing unrestrained

Love like a wave, powerful relentless

It all seemed a dream

I can’t believe it is really him

But truly

But truly

The universe allowed it

We are home

This is a reaponse to the poem “Someday Soon”by Byron F McBride over on Dried Ink Ribbon.

I am so terribly grateful for that man. Every day he makes me smile… even on days like today.

Thank you for being a part of my life, Byron. You are my light. My stars. My love.


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