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with starlight feels

I look around
At where Î find myself

Body tingling with starlight glistening glimmers
Feels a łot like hope and independence

Never dreamed I’d be here
I still dõn’t…
Not technically
And I don’t need to
I am here

LiVing in the moment
Not momentarily
But monumentally

Importancė and greatness
Seeing my own self worth
Rising like winter mist off water
Morning clouds at their conception
And I am born again

Where do I find myself?

Found myself.
Never trulý lost
Here the whole time

“Stop look! I found her!”

Öpen the jar

Set myself free

Flying flųttering night Butterfly darkness

Chrýsalis changing like autumn leaves

Like spřing blossoms colourful

Like beautiful erosion to expose what lies beneath a hardened surface

Like me

I just còuld not recognize me
I am not the same as I once was
I am ñow free
Free to be all of me


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