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consistency vs content

I have noticed something about myself this week… or two… I don’t know. My timeline is all messed up.

Sometime in the recent past I said I was going to get my shit together and post a variety of things and have more routine and blah blah blah…

And what did you do, Amberley? What did you do? You just stopped posting every day. That’s what you did.

Why do you do this?

Because somewhere inside you, you were saying if you can’t post what you are meant to post don’t post anything at all? Wtf dude… you used to be cool… nope. That’s a fucking lie. I’ve never been cool.

But I’m just going to chill the fuck out again. What happens on my blog happens. I will post what I want… or more accurately… what my brain wants… and then hopefully regularity will return.

But is consistency better than content? But was your content really bad? It was just very poemy… that’s all…


Ramble ramble ramble ramble


8 thoughts on “consistency vs content”

  1. I struggled with the consistency v content thing early on. As you said, its really whatever you want to do because its your thing.
    For me I got really lazy. I would nitpick and sigh and slump on the couch and make every excuse not to write something because it wasn’t perfect. So I decided, instead, to write something for every day hoping that the consistency builds habit.

    I don’t write every day but I schedule a lot of my posts so I can have something for every day (is that cheating?). It helps me keep my consistency so I can build quality 🙂
    But of course, as with anything, each person works through their own stuff their own way.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! Sometimes it can feel lonely in the struggle even if you know that eberyone feels this way.
      I can write every day. I just get worried about what I am writing. I started this blog as a way to heal and I need to remember that.
      It is good to write every day. I don’t think scheduling posts is cheating. I would also encourage you to write every day regardless of if you post it or not. But as you said … well… sort of said… each to their own

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      1. That battle of quality content v consistency is at my core. I have certain times when I write “better” and try to schedule out as much of it then.
        I love sharing!
        I definitely try to write every day. I’m kind of an obsessive compulsive in a way that I like what I write to have a purpose. Like…I have a couple of items in my “drafts” area and they make me twitch because I haven’t finished them but at the same time I just am not “feeling” them at the moment.

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