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happy father’s day

Cruelty is not a trait you should have
Compassion and kindness is the only way you should kill anyone

Inflicting pain with every move you make
The innocence of babes destroyed
I hope you don’t realise what you have done
Because if you did
That would be so much worse

Laughter like hornets wings
Your happiness comes with stings and venom
Oh, how I loathe your smile
No grin has ever shown more hideous intent

Your embrace
only a sequel to your hatred
Your arms around me feels like betrayal
Feels like scars
Feels like infinite chances given

Sometimes I still feel you with me
Like misplaced scissors after surgery
But I am removing you slowly
You are a gangrenous limb
An infected wound on the hearts of us
Push pins and other horrors do not entre this house

To say I hate you would be an offence to the word

I hope the view from your throne of sadism and vices is just as good when there is no one to look down on
When there is no one left cowering at your feet.

Happy father’s day, you piece of shit.


9 thoughts on “happy father’s day”

    1. I said “happy father’s day” but what I meant was “eat a dick”
      Yeah… I needed to bleed a little… cause father’s day sucks a little. Well, in our gouse it does. But it ended up being a pretty good day.
      Thank you, as always, for your comments, Ivor dearest xxx

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