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dead zone children

I sneak
Tip toe sshhh
Toes in dirt bare

The water watcher
Night snarls echo
Empty chamber tremble

I can smell the blue
The green
The darkness of the pool

The air is different
down here
Only rations are allowed
Only rations

My lips crack
When I smile these days
Lizard tail tongue

I need just a taste

Sneaking tip tip toe

The pool shimmers
Black tar depths of refreshing sanctuary
But as I bend
About to place parchment lips to water’s skin
My reflection catches my eye

Pale skin
Faded ash
Smudged features
A corpse by any other name
We do not look like the others

The others who dare to venture out if the zone
Who dare to venture into our home
My people are not picky eaters

I hate this place

I hate my face

I submerge my distorted face

I hate the things I have consumed

Cannibals we

I hate this thirst that cannot be quenched


I hate what my people have become

Not human
But once was

I hate that I love the taste of blood

Water cool
Like heaven
Like death
I breathe it in
It fills me

My body doesn’t even fight it

As if even my body doesn’t want to…

If you feel like feeling all the feelings please go and read Byron’s post over on Dried Ink Ribbon… my gods… it is killer… fucking great job, Byron sweetness…


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