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blue dead nothing

Daylight is nothing more than a suggestion
The water’s surface is abstract
A dream of a world I no longer wish to be a part of
But now that my home is gone down here feels colder than it ever did before

Shades of blue and black
Straight edged
Man made
I try to search for what we search for
but I cannot concentrate

Blonde curls drift in currents
Like seaweed fair

My head turns
Snaps to
Is it her?
My love?

It is nothing but my eyes playing tricks
My heart playing cruel games
My mind losing itself

There is an ache in my chest tighter than the ocean’s embrace
A crush greater than all the water in the world on top of me

Eyes of blue dead nothing
Open mouth screaming silently
My name the cost of the last bit of air from her lungs
My name
My name
My name floats up in those bubbles
Carrying her life
Her life
Her life

I cannot get her free…

I cannot do this without her…

I cannot go on alone…

I shake my head and the image is gone

My fellow scavengers swim ahead of me
I watch as they swim in and out of window holes
The eye sockets in the skull of a long dead beast

I swim away
Will they miss me?
Will my father mourn me?


But I must find a way to bring her back.

It is said that in the hills on the skies edge
There is magic
People with magic on their skin
They are closer to the gods, you see
The gods listen to them

If I go there
The gods will hear my plea

The series continue.

Plots thicken.

Go check out Byron’s latest over on Dried Ink Ribbon

You will not be disappointed!


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