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my hands, waiting

My eyes are closed
My pillow stretches out before me, endless
It has never felt so blank empty
Now that there is love to fill it

I listen to the sound of your soul pouring out of your mouth
And I cannot stop from smiling
Words have never felt so intimate
Never felt less like pain and more like home

You show me your everything
And I am trying to keep up
But there is so much of me to show
I have always said I am too much
And you keep telling me that I am just right

You, this full moon brilliance
Brilliant like stars and light and flame and feathers flying
I, the water below
Surface calm to reflect your glow
Underneath, a torrent of currents and trenches and creatures crawling
Both beautiful in our own ways

I open my eyes but you are not here
My pillow stretches out before me
Endlessly empty now that you are missing from my side
But you are still here
Your voice in my ears
Your soul in my hands
Waiting for the time when we can come home


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