After The End, bloggity blog


Dead wood trees
Sun bleached
grey as ash
Like skeletal veins
From a dead Earth
Dried up
Stretching out from this hardened corpse land

Unearthly round and symmetrical
Lichen freckles their skin
The only thing that grows out here
But green along the horizons
A dead zone
This wasteland
Wasted land
Mother nature was fucking the devil
When she created this place

And the devil may still be here
Watching as we pass

Babe strapped to my back
She cries
But we cannot stop here

My huntress
My world
Wound, claws of the lion beast
Red infection bleeds out
Tainting sun kissed skin

We cannot stop here

Heading North
To the pass
Needing to get to warmer places
Winter winds
And winter snows
Make survival harder

But I catch her

Lion cubs growl behind me

Babe cries at my back

Her body
My world’s body
Is fire in my arms

Water, I give
But not enough

I look to the East
Where the mountains are Hollow
And the dark of hair live
Magic and medicine they have

I point

She shakes her head
Eyes rolling
Fever taking hold
I cannot lose her

Babe cries

I look around

We cannot

Shivers across my skin
Oily slick
Like disease
Sinking in my belly

A hand of grey and bone
Nails of tree bark darkness
Slinks around a boulder’s edge


I grab my world
Forcing her to her feet

I urge
I run
I do

I hear their feet
In the dust covered ground

I run to the East


But close enough?

Snarling hungry
Dead zone children

I run

Trees getting closer
Safety within
I am hopeful

If I believed in the gods I would pray to them

If I believed someone would hear I would call for help

Chest burning with the effort
I cannot lose her

Trees closer

Dusty dead feet closing racing

A whistle

A thud
Wet flesh thick

Hissing screeching

I do not look back

Dark eyes
Dark hair
Spears at the ready
In the trees we are safe

Hollow born protectors

Babe cries
But we are safe here

This is the sequel to my first part of the After The End series.

Please go and check out Dried Ink Ribbon’s latest installment. It is so fucking good and gives a little more insight into this world we are building. Sort of… kind of… you’ll see.


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