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Whoops! I forgot a title… this will do…

Working to the bone…

Nah not really. I just napped.


Trying to finish up my post for the nest installment of my verse novel

I swear… I’m getting it done.

This week has been a tad busy with all my wartime duties… plus I have actually started to try to look after my own body more which had meant a trip to the doctor for blood work…

I’m not as tired as I perhaps should be. Sleep is for the dead. And my blood is still pumping just fine.

I’m sorry if I have not made it to your blog lately… trust me… you are not the only one.

Please accept my heartfelt apology in the form of spoken word poetry.

Firstly, from my dearest Dried Ink Ribbon.

Secondly, from Jesse Parent.


6 thoughts on “Whoops! I forgot a title… this will do…”

  1. I really hope the looking more after your body thing goes well!
    No, i mean i really hope it does.
    Mens sana in corpore sano. 😉

    Sleep is good for you – too little and the mind does very strange things, becomes unreliable.


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      1. I would not say it is warm exactly, but this weekend has been Magnificent – nothing but blue skies and light breezes. 20 yesterday and 22 today – makes this old heart happy! 😀

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