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third born chosen

Incense smolders
Smokey serenity drifting
I breathe in like wind through trees
Exhale. Trepidation spilling
Waterfall cascade.
Lips of stone earthen
They do not tremble

Raven perched upon my shoulder
Cawing gently into my ear
“It’s time,” he says

Mother paints the pentacle star upon my brow
green for protection
sister paints left palm
Eye of red for the goddess
brother paints the right
Eye of blue for the strength of the God

father’s skull watches
empty eyes
I feel his patience flooding through them
Talisman around my neck
tooth and bone and hair inside
he will be with me on my travels
his body never fully gone
just like his spirit

Me, third born
destined for this journey
Crossing our Mountains
reaching it’s Summit
where the gods can really see us
see us for who we are
where we can see the dead, godless cities below
they did not trust as we do

Meeting with the other side
children of Brimful
to collide with
the children of the Hollow

eyes shut tight
trust in the will of the Gods
Never open them
Never see the path ahead
Blind we must be

I take in what I see now
may be the last light my eyes catch
the last images my hippocampus stores
my brother’s kind eyes
so much like my father’s
my sister’s heart shaped lips
full of truth and compassion
my mother
her everything
dark hair of the Hollow

I know I will disappoint them
In time they will see
Everyone will see

“It’s time”
caws Raven

I stand with my third born kin
I nod to the chosen ones
base of our Mountain
all is still
all is silent
words are unnecessary

I shut my eyes and begin to climb
my time has come
to find my mate
Meant to bring diversity to my people
my true love by divine intervention
I will take his seed
and his heart
and then his head
this madness must end

“it’s time”
caws Raven

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