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empire of sin

I fell in love on a cloudy day
I had no choice I have to say

Black hair and eyes, drop dead gorgeous
God knows I should have been more cautious

He was sweet and kind, so different from my ex
Pretty soon it all became very complex

Asking for my hand in marriage
At this moment, nothing could disparage

Brought me home to meet his mother
And… oh boy… she was really like no other

Lips of red and a switchblade smile
But she was still sweet, not at all vile

Familiar she was, couldn’t place her pretty face
Untill that is she took me in her embrace

Whispering in my ear, “he is too sweet for the family business”
Suddenly this explained their apparent richness

Mob boss, she was
A breaker of laws

“I’ll allow you to marry my son,” she said.
“If you do this one little thing…” ugh. Dread.

“Don’t look so worried, my dear. Tis but a gift from me to you.”
“And you don’t have to go through with it if you really don’t want to”

She took me round the waist and lead me outside.
Little did I know, this included homicide.

Inside a garage, darkened room, bound and gagged
Was my ex, the bastard, to his feet he was dragged

Pulling me in close and whispering again. “He hasn’t the stomach for my line of work.”
“But someone must follow in my footsteps” she said with a smirk.

My heart pounded and leaped with fear
It had been a long time since I’d seen him, over a year.

I remembered all the things he had done
If anyone was a monster, he was the one

Manicured hands, fine and delicate
She handed me a cleaver, death had never looked so elegant

She need not explain, I know what she wanted of me
I took that cleaver and chopped, one, two, three

Now, I sit happy on my empire of sin
My man at my side, what a good place I’m in

I want to say I did it just for love
But… that would be a fucking lie, sort of…


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