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to axe you

Red ink bleeds from my fingertips
More than just stabby
Discussions of how to properly dispose of bodies
How to transport severed heads
I need to axe you a question…

Watching creepy movies with you is my happy place

It is a long way down and I’m already in Freefall
once scared of my feeling
I now pour them out as easily as poetry
I need to axe a question…

Fully expected to be falling alone but I still feel your hand in mine
My fucked up matches your fucked up
in the most perfect way
Support but not crutch
I’m such a romantic

Maniacal laughter and silly jokes nmicknames and comfort
and sweetness and not
I need to axe you a question…

“Stabby sexy is our Jam”
Do you think that was the beginning of this new chapter?
That’s not the question I want to axe you

Do you think my heels look good as they go over my head
because that is how hard I have fallen.
That’s not the question either.

A wise man once told me that you only need these things to work out once.

I wrote this in the wrong notebook
In the wrong pen
With the wrong format
That’s ok
I guess the question I want to ask you is…

Please? and thank you…


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