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Away Rainbow Petals

Standing straight
Eyes sting but I bite my cheeks
Drums sing at my back
Waves carry the flowers out to sea

My love
Her soul
Has been sent back to the blue abyss
Where once we came

My father’s hand grips my shoulder
It is battle
Fighting the urge to break and crumble
Like the buildings of my forefathers around us
Crumble and crash into the sea

My heart floats away
Rainbow petal all there is to signify her

It was a good way to go
The way we all wish to go
Under the waves
Doing our job


Yes, it was a good way to go

God dammit

Yes, girl, it was

No way is a good way
No way to die is a good way
No way for her to die is a good way

My father’s hand squeeze again
“Daughter of my heart,” he says
Tear stained voice cuts me
“It is okay to mourn.”

The waves touch my toes
The waves that took her from me
The waves I once loved as much as I did her


Brushing those Sandy curls behind ears
The way she sighed at the end of every kiss
The way she never stopped looking into my eyes when we make love

and bile
and hate
and pain
and pain
and pain

volcanic eruption
chest heaving expanding
I scream
long and deep agony

I have fallen
to my knees
sand and surf and tears on my skin

strong hands help me home
not home
just a house
my home is now buried under the waves

“You do not have to go today”
Says my father’s voice
distance through the void of grief

I consider for a moment
giving up
giving in
allowing myself to simply erode
turning bones to sand
flesh to food for fish

“I want to go”
My voice
it speaks through
Misty Seaspray words
barely there just a whisper

disapproval, tone dull like stone

“I’m going”

I stand on the edge
my eyes tired
wine coma but no wine had
I don’t know how I got here
my satchel hangs like a battle shield
but my weapon
my protection
my strength
is no longer by my side

I could have saved her
if I had tried harder
I could have…

My mates dive into the blue
Ready to collect from our ancestors
Do what we do best

I look into the depths for a moment
“You don’t fucking scare me”

I dive in.

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