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hotel rooms and twists of fate

In a surprising turn of events, I find myself in a hotel room…

I realised that I have not written non fiction for a while so… I should probably do that.

So, I have stayed in so many hotel rooms. Way more than I should’ve. And most of them have not been for holiday fun time reasons. But it always surprises me how similar yet different they can be.

I have really started to feel at home in them though. After staying in so many, you learn to get comfortable really quickly. Mainly, this includes three things.

A) coffee

2) wine

iii) place to write

With those three things figured out, everything is fine.

Today I find myself in a hotel room because I have issues with being a responsible adult and have a terrible lack of enthusiasm for rushing to get out of the house on time. I had a 6ish hour drive to make and I left 2 hours “late.” Plus, there are bushfires close to where I have to drive and the black ice is meant to be bad tonight. All in all, I wasn’t getting home tonight. Well… maybe.

I also had my reasons for not rushing to get out of the house. Besides the fact that I just don’t rush anything. So… these moments… the unexpected occurrences… makes me stop and wonder if there is a reason why I am here tonight. Is this somehow important in some way. Maybe in a way I will never know.

Realistically, I could’ve driven home. I could’ve powered on. But someone offered to pay for a room for me and I said yes. So… maybe this is exactly where I am meant to be… maybe this is just a pitstop. Maybe I am avoiding some terrible twist of fate. Maybe I just really didn’t want to go home yet and I snapped up the opportunity that was offered because of this… probably the last option.

I realise I have written of hotels before… if you haven’t, click the hotel tag and read the red wine knights post… I read it myself after scheduling this post. Funny how things come back around, full circle, meeting up… St. George still rides around my throat… still guides me… life is weird.


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