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The roo struggled against the snare
Easy to skin once you catch them
Winter is cold out here
Needing all the fur and flesh I can get

Sliding the knife in
Peeling skin from muscle

A hunter knows when they are being watched
Prickling goosebumps adrenaline spiking

I keep going
Butchery is an artform
But survival is for the strong and
The quick
I inhale deeply as I slice
Fingers bloody slick

Cat, feline
I smell her before I see her
Sensed her before the scent reached my nose

I meet her eyes in the blonde grass
Enchanting and deadly keen
We stare a moment, animal to animal, hunter to hunter
The same, she and I

Then we hear it, motherly ears hearing the call of my babe
The big cat’s eyes flicker to my child and back

My heart stops
What have I done
Too comfortable
Too confident
Too careless

I can see her thoughts
Intelligence in those big eyes
Weighing up options as only a predator can
Would she be satisfied with just the roo
Hard work already done
But risking the kiss of my steel

I know what I would do
The option without a blade nearby

Muscles tense, mind racing, the same, she and I
She lunges
As do I
Both racing, hearts and legs

So stupid


I leap
I grab
I roar

She growls
She tears
She rolls

Blade of steel
Claws retractable
Blood for blood
Pain is worth it to save my world


Dead weight on my body
And a priceless bullet in a feline brain
Through my adrenaline haze
I look up to see my world above me

Gun pointing
Smile pointier
Babe in his arms
Both with matching dimples
More deadly than any hungry lioness

He smiles as he wraps my wounds
As if he knows a secret
Hands so gentle
As if I were a fragile thing

Two new skins and plenty of meat
We move on
Never stay still long

Cries in the grass
Babes but not human
We were the same, she and I
Hunters. Predators. Mothers.

Three new members to add to our pride

So, I’m collabing with my dearest Byron on this new piece of awesomeness. To read more in this world, in this verse series/novel, please go over to his side of the blogosphere and have a read of his amazing work. And qhile you are there, follow him cause he is super talented and you need his work in your life.


12 thoughts on “Pride/Predators”

  1. You Jane, you jungle woman, I plumber/poet, blunt chisel, and no lead in my pencil. I run for for the hills…….. Great exciting writing jungle lemon, and i shall look at the link xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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