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The wild we run
Both like Beasts
Both like creatures of the night
I run to you

If home is where the heart is
I have already given you mine
Both chambers
Both atriums
Both ventricles

You, both sweet and not
Both good and not
Both need and want
Want and not don’t rhyme, Amberley
But almost

Both up and down
Both in and out
Both give and take
Both speaking and thought filled Silence

I want to give you my both and my all and my everything
Each thing
Every part
The whole

I do not want you to save me or put me back together
But you make it easier to see where my broken pieces fit
And I feel more together than I ever have before
As if both you and I were a puzzle fitting together

I both want to speed up time
Get to the place where our puzzle is complete
And slow things down
Every moment spent with you is a gift from the universe I want to savour
Savour like flavour
Flavour like us
Like both

We like creatures of the night
Wild we run
Both together
I run to you
Coming home


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