love, art and rock n roll

Chapter 2 – police officer boots crunching gravel like bones

Police officer boots crunching gravel like bones
Music turned low elevator style
Red blue lights swirl through orange Camaro
. Colour in the darkness

Jen’s eyes straight forward
Hands ten two
Heart steady confidence

Moon-faced officer
Take away coffee breathe stink invading her car

Eyes forward

“Do you realise how fast you were going
This time?”

Hands tighten
And release

Hangs head
Directing coffee rank downwards

“It was PMS”

“It was PMS
last week”
Head still hung

“That was pre
This is post”

“You smell like beer”

Scowling on the inside
Swallowing the fight
Eyes finally turning to him
You know I don’t drink. You know where I work”

“Officer Stock”
Correction made
Last week was Brendan

Jen’s turn to sigh
Zipper tearing
Ticket book fine
Jen’s fingers reach out to take the negative money

Held just out of reach
Scowl swallowed again

Date requested
Offense forgotten if soul sold

Scowl let loose
Ticket snatched
Engine roar gravel flying middle fingers aplenty

Creeping into late night drive way
Cyan television shadows on window glass
Friends with tea are the best
Warm hands kind words make forgetting arseholes easier

Penny hands Jen a cuppa

“Bobby Thorn was on the news tonight”
Passing comment but eyes twinkling

*scoffs and blows steam from tea surface*
“You’re watching the wrong sort of news”

Attempted suicide
Mug shots
Drug possession
Indecent exposure
Hospital stay
Tour not cancelled

“You remember we are going to the concert right?”
Penny asks

Jen dies inside
“Do I have to?”

“Only if you love me”

Fate is a funny creature
Stalking around time’s corners
Waiting to strike
Going straight for jugular damage


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