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you, purple

You say you like the winter but I say you are like the Summer. Sun light golden warming mulberries, staining fingers and eager lips with purple grace. You are purple.

Purple like Tyrian. Like Bolinus brandis. Rare and forbidden. Only for the worthy to enjoy. Rare like peculiar, curious like cats. Forbidden like electric dipole radiation. You are purple.

You, delicate but not, purple like orchid, violet like viola. Playing your music, deep legato smoothness and ponticello icy chills on skin. You are aubergine. No… not like that… but like jokes. Your laughter a beautiful sickness, infectious.

Amethyst precious. Sunset skirts sometimes. Bruising dangerous healing. Lavender kindness soothing. Grape nerds bubblegum sweetness. Jam or Jelly depending on which country. You are purple.

Mauve Irises, seeing you is my favourite part of the day. Smiles like #9940f2. Hyacinth scent, you are seasonal. Coming to life in the cold, you will show the world your beauty. Wild like thistles, if treated with care, no sting to be felt. You are purple.

Plums, violets, grapes. Claiming to be purple but are not. Violets are much more blue. You could be blue. Because blue is deep like the sky and the sea. But you are different. You are still deep but more like darkness. Like the indigo gleam on raven’s wings, bright and glittering. You are purple.

You say you are purple. And I have to agree.


8 thoughts on “you, purple”

      1. I’m not sure, I could be gray, or a delightful shade of periwinkle… maybe clear? lol I couldn’t resist.. 😳

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