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divine knowledge complexity

The temple I worship in is not made of stained glass and stone
Its carpet is the Earth and fallen leaves
Its steeple is the branches reaching towards the clouds
Its organ is the sound of the wind through singing pine needles and my heart beating
Its holy water flows, wandering curves of liquid crystalline glory

I drink the wine
I light the candle
Incense sweet, I breathe deeply
Changing states of consciousness
More pure than any drug
My universe takes me safely into its arms
Trusting in its divine knowledge
Complexity in dark matter awareness

Calling for the rain so that I might feel at home on this dry land
I feel no guilt from my “faith”
The only thing that feels heavy is the weight of the bag of runes at my belt
Or the feeling of gravity pulling down through the ground
Or the love in my heart
A burden, not


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