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a river’s daughter

At the water’s edge
Day dream stares, down into the depths
Her nightly vigil searching for shadows
Signs of life, of ghosts

Never knowing what she was looking for
Understanding not why she longed to dive down
Lay on the ocean floor and waiting, breathless
Waiting for?

A ship’s hull lullaby sings in her sleep
Love song melodies of crooning waves and moaning wood
The gentle sway like a lover’s dance
Something calls her name
A face
A hand outstretched

Even if the surface is calm
Underneath is chaos
Does it always end with tragedy?
How many times has she dove in?

A pull and a push, flowing with time
Mobius strip, us
Perpetual back and forth like the tides
Planetary gravity orbits
Two planets, no sun, binary, circling

The stars reflect off the water’s skin, glistening
Internal ache pulls her over the edge
Diving down
Again and again
Swimming up, reaching out


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