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here comes the sun – the reality

Sun peaks round the corner
Shining golden through the curtain of my hair
A cool breeze traces atmosphere fingers over my skin
And I realize I was daydreaming

I look up and look around
The sun-warmed air is salty sweet
Such a pretty, blue day
How long was I gone?

Feeling like I just woke from a spellbound sleep
No glass coffin
No thorny fortress surrounds
You are no princess, Amberley

Here comes the sun
It’s alright
Singing to myself
Yes, I see now
I had been singing
Singing of long cold lonely winters and ice melting

Feeling like diving in
Blue embrace
Cool and close and breathless
Not held under
Staring up at the surface
Light paints shards of pastel ripples
A moving picture show for the fish and sharks
But I may need air more than I originally thought

In the water I feel safe
Sleeping with the fishes
See… I just want to feel only this
But as much as I love to hold my breath
I might make the air my home for now


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