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fire water burn – the fiction

The moon peeks from behind the clouds
Shimmering hazy through shifting smoke thick
The acrid stink fills my nose
And I realize I had blacked out

I look up and look around
The winter cold night is heating up
Flames, so pretty dancing
How long was I gone?

Feeling like I just broke out of purgatory
Deals with the devil
I have given him your soul
You are no angel of mercy, Amberley

The roof is on fire
But we don’t need no water
Singing to myself
Yes, I see now
I am singing
Singing of letting motherfuckers burn

Feeling like running away
Anonymity mine
Cleaver still in my hand
Grip tight, drips blood
Rorschach blotches on pavement
I only see insanity
You would have seen yourself

Chopping you up
made me feel justice
And now you sleep with the fishes
See… I just wanted to feel no pain
But as much as I thought “if I just love him more, he would stop,”
I have never loved you more than
I did while you died, screaming


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