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chest ribs broken

Decimated heart
Torn out
Cut from my chest
Ribs broken
Your rusty knife wounding

You hand it to me, my dying heart
Silver plater cold tarnished
As if you are serving me
Something which was never mine

Removed and bleeding
Hollow place where it once was
It still beats like moth wings
But it is just nerve endings
Muscle memory twitching
Remembering what it once was

I pack my empty chest
With lace wings and cicada husks and crickets
Take my heart and place it in a jar
Preservation after death
A spider placed inside to guard
A protector
From grave robbers
Or my careless self

Shovel hole dug
Treasure map written
Awaiting a time I wish
To give my heart to another
One with a sharp blade, who knows how to suture


24 thoughts on “chest ribs broken”

      1. You are too kind, Sweetness… I am healing but that heart of mine still feels misplaced sometimes… but you do help… a lot. Who ever does decide to help retrieve that heart of mine… I hope they don’t mind blood… anyone who hasn’t read the first poem will think that is a weird comment to make. Lol

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