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a soft thud

The book shuts
A soft thud
Signifying finality

My head resting gently
Listening to heartbeats
Blood pumping just beneath bare skin

Content to just be
Sweetness in simple pleasures
Of voice and words and shared time

The book is put down
A soft thud
Signifying finality

Endings are the beginnings of what is to come next
I look up into his wanting eyes

Simple pleasures give way to rapture
Sweetness to passion
Sleep is for the dead
And we have not died just yet

Ravishing between sheets, between thighs
Opening up so he can come inside
Animalistic and untamed
Savagely terrible

He could tame with his spell
Of looking into my eyes
If he wished

The sound of his breathlessness
Only brings out the monster in me

The book falls to the floor
A soft thud

Cries in the night
Fluid moving embrace
Replenish restore reload

Exhaustion signifying finality

My head resting softly
Inhale exhale
Listening to heartbeats

My softness is his new house
I welcome him warmly
And await a time he will come home again


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