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deliciously terrible sin

A goddess comes down
Goes down in her human form
To meet the one who calls
Her sweetest devotee, is he

Breathing a heavy sigh
As if he had been holding his breath
The goddess looks upon her worshipper
And she saw that he was good

A sacrifice had been promised
Procuring propitiation
Little deaths
Both taken and given
And she felt death was near

He took her in his arms
Pulling her close
Placing her mouth to his ear
She whispered words only he and she could hear
He whispered back, “as you wish.”

Skin on skin, human
She had not felt such things in an eternity
Lips on lips
Lips on hips
Deliciously terrible sin
No want for forgiveness

An offering of flesh
Ritual slaughter
Death comes not just once
Taken back to heaven and hell
Again and again

This is in response to my dear, sweet friend’s poem The Goddess Comes over on Dried Ink Ribbon… Byron is new to the blogosphere, so please go follow him…


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