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of honey bees and honey badgers

What’s the difference between a train wreck and a love story?
I don’t think there is a difference

Heart racing
Never felt so alive as you do right before death
You plural
A time to pray to any who will listen
Praying to the goddess
Praying to Odin
Preying upon each other

Both end in disaster
Pain in the end of either is inevitable
It is simply the speed of which it comes

I long to control time for you
You plural
Slow it down for the joy
Make it fly through the hurt

But how do I make time fly
If I can no longer fly myself
Make those happy middles stretch out
Horizon to horizon
After all, the road is the place where magick happens
The journey is where adventure is made
Today is a day to feel that big love

Love burning incendiary
So bright it blinds
Volcanic, forming beauty within
A love writers write about
A love poets rhyme about
A love that spiders weave webs in hopes that they will some day catch something like it

But when the chaos begins
I feel my bug heart’s wings singe
Even if I turn a blind eye
I still know it is going on behind me
I still know there is pain where there is also great love
You don’t need to see the stars and moon to know they are there
You don’t need to see light to know the sky will still be blue in the morning

Can you have too much passion
I really didn’t think so
But I have been very wrong before
I wish I could be right, just once
Especially about this

Can a honey bee and honey badger find a path, find their stones, learn to swim, build a boat, build their fucking house…
I dunno
I hope with all my everything they can
But this little bug will love you regardless
You know where I am
You plural

All the love. All the hugs. All the kisses.


28 thoughts on “of honey bees and honey badgers”

    1. I am no angel. My heart isn’t either. You know where my heart is kept… I do not have the energy to go and retrieve it right now. And there is no smitten boy, Mr Muffins… I don’t know what you are talking about.

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