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please reanimate me

Urges rising again
I long for what is mine
You speak to me
Your voice is like spirits
The type I get drunk from
And the type that touch my soul

I sit by the sea and drink it all in
Your voice
The sea
My spirit
The scent of salt in the air
All of it
But I want more

Today was not a good day
But it wasn’t all bad either
I think I could say the same for the good days too
Introspection is the only thing I can think about
And you

I can feel my light fading, flickering
But your bated breath rekindles what was dying

After feeling so snuffed out
I sit holding matches
Waiting for someone to strike

Is this why “snuff” films are called this?
Girls snuffed out like a candle flame
I may not be dead
But sometimes I feel like that on the inside
Animated corpse me

Reanimate me
Rekindle me
Re: fictional you


14 thoughts on “please reanimate me”

  1. Oh, light my fire, the candles are burning bright tonight, and my machine might be dead, but my soul lives on igniting animations in my dreams… Maybe sleep shall be our cure…. Cheers big Ears… may the evening fire keep your desires warm….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope it doesn’t go out completely.
      And you, Mr Muffins, have more than a light… you have a god damned bonfire so you are safe. Mine is more like an ember under the ash in a cold fireplace…
      I’m so glad you loved this! 🖤

      Liked by 1 person

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