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breath, waiting breathless

Bated breath
But I need you to breathe
I hold no hand over your mouth
…aside from the one I may use to stifle your screams in the night

I need your breath
I need to feel it
Hot and heavy
Like your blood and your bones
Your breath
Silent except when your mouth is close to my own
I suck the life from you

Are you dying?
Aren’t we all dying?
But I hope your death will not come just yet
I wish to play with you a little longer
I wish to draw out this little death
I wish I could make it last for an eternity
But that wouldn’t be fair on anyone

So, I will make you wait no longer
Withheld breath, released

No… I take it back.
I’m not finished with you yet
Bated breath
And waiting
Breathless again


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