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roar howl battle cry

A storm clouds the horizon
Like smoke on the battlefield
Have I used that metaphor previously?
Sometimes I cannot remember

But of course I am not talking about a real storm
Or real clouds or a real horizon
There is no real smoke except for that which plumes from your mouth
Tobacco sickness sour

There is no field
But there is a battle
There is always a battle
There has always been a battle with you
It is just the subject that changes

What makes it different this time?
It is the big one
A finale

What are the stakes?
My everything

Do I want to fight this fight?
Wage this war and spar with this opponent I have been fighting for a life time?
No… no, I do not

But will I do it to protect my everything? Will I do it for happiness? Will I do it for safety?
Do not underestimate me again because I will fight you for eternity…

Hear me roar
Hear me howl
Hear my battle cry
I hope it haunts your dreams like you once did mine
Ringing in your ears in the quiet moments before sleep

I hope you like the taste of defeat.
And I love the smell of smoke.
I don’t need no water.
I’ll let this motherfucker burn.


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