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medusa hair snake

Cold blooded
Needing the warmth of others to stay alive
A fire grrl seemed perfect for your next victim

Medusa hair
Snake in the grass
Monster heart
You turned that fire grrl to stone
Cracked and crumbling
Frozen and cold

Mind in two
Two minds
All she ever wanted was you

You wanna talk about teeth?
How about you show us those fangs?
Venomous words
Lead to fevered dreams

You wanna talk about eyes
When yours were too blind to see what you had right in front of you.
You have no idea the beauty you threw away

Wipe you from her mind
Cut the head off the snake
Kill it with fire

Stone frozen grrl
Let us set you on fire again
Thawed and stitched together with
Love and spells and poetry and antivenom


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