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Music Monday on Tuesday

Every fucking week I say I am going to do this… and then most of the time I forget. But THIS time, I said nothing and I have just come straight back to my blog and I am doing it.

This is Music Monday with Alex from Weird Shit with Alex.

So, the idea behind it is you pick a song that you can link to the song Alex picked.

This week, Alex chose yet another song I have never heard but this doesn’t mean much because I am musically damaged… buy I am getting better.

It was called Hocus Pocus by Focus. If you want to know about it you can go read Alex’s blog cause you are here to hear about my choice.

The moment I saw the title, I immediately thought if the movie… you know the one with the 3 witches. I fucking love that movie. Anyway… in that they sing “I put a spell on you” which is one of my fav songs and I prefer the Marilyn Manson cover most… duh…

Manson was such a huge part of my teenagehood. I loved MM and Hanson. Yes. True story. Don’t judge me. I listened to lots of things back then but mostly those two. Until I found bands like NIN and Korn and stuff… then my blonde-haired tastes fell of the cliff…

So! Here ya’ll go! Get some Manson into ya! And join in with Music Monday.


18 thoughts on “Music Monday on Tuesday”

    1. I really love old MM. To be completely honest, I have not listened to any of his albums since Coma White … but that is for personal reasons. They are on my “to listen” list.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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