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dating after seperation

This coming Wednesday, one of my worst fears is coming to fruition. I am being taken out by my brother so he can introduce me to a man. Blerg.

I know I write a lot of poetry about meeting someone, but in reality, meeting someone actually fills me full of dread. Especially anyone who would hang out with my brother on purpose. But I am trying not to say no to the things the universe throws my way, seeing as though my brother has been trying to set me up with this guy for months now.

So, how do you actually do these things? Getting “back on the horse.”

I was really never on the horse to begin with. Being with GoatDragon since high school, I have NEVER been on a real date. I think we may have gone out to dinner a few times, but that was after we were already seeing each other. So, I don’t count them. I do not count this as a date either. But for the purposes of this post, lets just call it one.

I guess this is just part of the journey… question mark. Maybe this will be another life lemon, life lesson. Maybe this will be fun. Maybe this will make me want to immediately go out and buy fifty cats and never try dating again and grow old with my cats and buy shares in a sex toy company.

How do you know if you are actually ready to date after being in a long term relationship? Some people seem to just be able to dive straight back in there. I was only out 2 weeks and GD had another woman living in the house… but she was a side bitch he’d had from during our “marriage.” So, I guess some peeps are always ready. But I… I do not feel “ready.” And I don’t think I ever actually will feel ready.

Stay tuned for updates from the date from hell in a future episode of “Fuck the Lemonade” from your friendly neighborhood Lemons.


55 thoughts on “dating after seperation”

  1. Its gonna be ok. Sometimes you’re just scared. Sometimes you think you’re ready but you’re not. Sometimes you think you’re not ready but then you ars.


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  2. Conundrum it is !! I’m not sure what to say, I suppose we never feel ready, But I do find another persons company pleasant. Only this Saturday I went out with a girlfriend, and I had to introduce her to my group of friends at the do, hmmm, for some reason I felt nervous … Oh I don’t know Amberley, just enjoy the moment and try not to be negative, or defensive, a few nice smiles and have a good time, and your commonsense shall show you the way. xx oh shit, I don’t think any of that will help…. Oh well I’ll leave up to you………..

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    1. Bahahahahahahaha I am always smiley and not negative. It is only on the blogosphere or in front of real friends do I let myself be the black-hearted soul I am LMFAO Jokes aside, I am not a rude person, so unless this guy is a real arsehole, then I will be my pleasant self. Thank you for sharing with me, Ivor dearest. xxx And just your presence helps 🙂

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  3. I agree with Ivor. I was with P for 30 years, and death did us part, so it’s taken me a lot longer, and a few missteps. I would say, give your bro’s friend a chance. If he doesn’t click, at least it was a night out.

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  4. Hang out with your brother on purpose! Ha.
    It is a good thing that your first foray into this other life, where you get to be your woman in a different sense, is coming about from your brother.
    Nerve-wracking is just excitement a little louder.
    Have fun, looking forward to the night for you.

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    1. Bahahahahahaha nerve-wracking is just excitement a little louder. I love this.
      If you knew my brother then you would understand why I say these things lmfao
      I love him. But he is … not the best person… bahahahahaha
      Thank you for stopping by, K. It is always so lovely to see you here. xxx


  5. You need to put yourself out there again.Dnt wIt to be ready because you will never really be untill you try and find someone and then it will all
    Be natural and in the meanwhile the special
    Someone comes you can have some fun😉and do some practice 💃🏻

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    1. “do some practice” blerg… no thanks… bahahahahahahaha I am not the practicing type.
      I have been going out a little more, but not with that intention… stay tuned because tonight is the night. I am hoping he will be a no show. lmfao.

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      1. Lol,you devious mind I didn’t mean practice with man but with living your life fully out there.a man is not essential .we must liv for ourself plus when it’s time the right one will show up without looking for hm😉

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      2. Oh, I know that a man is not essential and I truly am loving life without one right now. Sometimes, I think I am ready and I want to get out there… and then I look around and remember that I enjoy being on my own. And sometimes I just want someone to cuddle.
        And yes… I always have a devious mind Bahahahahahaha

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