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Coffee/friend, wine/lover

Coffee is my friend
And wine is my lover

I wake up and the first thing I want is my friend
I want long warm talks with my friend
Holding them in the palm of my hand

Night falls and the darkness sets in
And all I can think of is my lover on my lips
The taste of them in my mouth
Their sweet escape

Morning comes and my friend is there to hold me tight
Get me through the day
Some days I just want to shut down and go back to sleep and then I spend time with my friend and I can keep going

When the stars come out and the moon is high in the sky
I pour my lover into me
I fill myself with them
They fill the empty spaces just right
I can never have enough

Sometimes morning comes and the night before has caught up with me
I forgot how too much love could feel
My friend is always there
Always there by my side to get me through to the next sunset

Then the spell wears off and I know I shouldn’t talk to my friend anymore
And my lover comes to the rescue
Taking me away
Taking me to places I wouldn’t normally go
Making me do things I wouldn’t normally do

Coffee is my friend
And wine is my lover
And they are all I need…


51 thoughts on “Coffee/friend, wine/lover”

  1. Romantical, LemonSugar. Your writing is amazeballs lately. And this is a comment coming backwards from today. Just so you know. I’m going further back in time, and it’s amazing in both directions.

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    1. I have been pumping out the poems lately. And just think… it was only last December that I never even shared my poetry and if I did, I would #badpoetry it… Now, I don’t give a fuck.
      Thank you for all the blog love today, Wardy Muffins. Nice to see you in my side of the blogosphere (smiley face and black hearts)

      Liked by 1 person

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