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“run away, little woman,” and other such bullshit

You know what is pissing me off right now? Australia.

Not because I don’t like the land. Australia is a beautiful place to visit. It is beautiful to live here and we do have a lot of freedoms. The part that is pissing me off has to do directly with my situation.

One woman every week (EVERY FUCKING WEEK… MINIMUM) is murdered by a current or ex-partner. And the number of CHILDREN killed by their fathers is on the rise.

The rate of these women and children dying goes up by 70% after they leave the relationship. So, we have the choice of staying and being abused or putting our lives at a significantly higher risk.


I know, first hand, how little is done for women in my situation. I do not understand how a man can get away with physically hurting his children and wife (not to mention all the other shit) and not only does he get away with it but I am actually having to battle to keep him away from them. In a cuntry where you get a fine just for swearing at a police officer… If he had done any of the things he has done to me or the kids to a police officer he would be locked up… Why am I having to defend myself and my children still? Why is there ANY discussion of him seeing them when they are so petrified of him. A year on and they still have nightmares about him.

(and yes… I know that there are men in my situation too. I know. I am well aware. And I really do feel for them and think they should get out and get safe. This too is a serious issue that needs to be spoken of more. Women can be monsters too and men can be the victims of abuse. But they are not the ones currently being slaughtered on a weekly basis, so they are not my focus today)

The thing that also annoys me to no end… it isn’t just misogyny that fuels this problem, it is other women lying about their EXs just to be spiteful. There are so many women out there that lie and say that their ex was abusive and even try to coach their young children into saying that their father has been abusive. And this has completely fucked it for all the women out there, out here, in real, life-threatening, situations.

Women and children are dying. Just last week, a father shot his two young children out of revenge. The week before a five year old boy got stabbed by his father for the same reason. “If I can’t have them, no one will.”

I do not hate men. I know a lot of men who are good. They would never hurt anyone, let alone their children or ex/wife. I just wanted to put that out there. This is not an “I hate men” post. What I hate are the cunts that call themselves men who do this sort of bullshit. They are not men. They are fucking animals.

In my cuntry, it seems to be so common place, so acceptable, it no longer just happens behind closed doors. I have seen a woman being dragged across the road by her hair to only be beaten by her spouse when they got to the other side. I have seen a father punch his young son in the face repeatedly while his son laughed and said “you’ve hit me harder than that before, you cunt.” I have seen… too much. And that is not even in my own home.

There is more of a focus on “run away, little woman” but then without protection to follow up, than trying to stop these men from either doing it in the first place, or doing it again.

I am so tired of being scared. I am so tired of being scared for my children. I am so tired of seeing this shit on the news. I am so fucking tired of history repeating itself.

How long do we have to make mistakes before we can learn from them?


10 thoughts on ““run away, little woman,” and other such bullshit”

  1. There is an unfortunate misogynistic view in the world and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Whenever there is a step forward there is a loud and influential portion of society that raises their voice and pulls the step backwards again.
    Even that you felt the need to say that it isn’t a man-hating post is unfortunate. You should be able to say that evil shit sucks without having to specify that it doesn’t include those not evil.

    I don’t really know what my point is other than fuck misogyny.

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    1. Yes there is. And I completely agree. Anytime women seem to get a voice it is soon muffled again.
      I have posted things before on other places about similar topics and have received hateful comments and messages saying that I am a man hater and things of the like. So, it is necessary to put that out there. And it is sad.
      Yes. Fuck hate all together.

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  2. It’s fucking bullocks. People are so blindly assuming that seeing both parents is in the best interests of the children in every situation that they ignore real threats.

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    1. Yes. It is fucking bullshit. Just because someone shares DNA woth a child doesn’t mean that they have the right to be in their life. We need a license to own a lizard and yet any fuck knuckle can have a child…


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