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poison apples, maybe

Neil Gaiman said, “you have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”

But how do you force yourself to believe in fairy tales?

I do not believe in Happily Ever Afters

I do not believe in curses being lifted by kisses

I believe in poison apples

Maybe that is why I have always liked the villains more

More Ursula than Ariel

More Maleficent than Sleeping Beauty

More Oogie boogie than Sally

More step-mother than Cinderella

Or maybe I am looking at this the wrong way

turn the book upside down

I am more witch than princess

More burned than beautiful

More bugs than girl

More mother than pumpkins and pretty shoes

I need proof

theorize and hypothesize

control testing

all tests come back negative

How do you continue an experiment that shows no proof of positivity

I guess, all you need is one experiment to work

One spell to stick

One remedy to heal the burns

One shoe to fit

…the right one


19 thoughts on “poison apples, maybe”

  1. You’re not an experiment, you’re the prototype and the finished model.
    You fly down the highway with the windows rolled down and music blasting.

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