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for you, if

Nothing is ever truly silent
Blocking out sound
I still hear the hum of my own ears
The bell tolling vibration of damage done

Is this the same as fear
Once the source is removed
Is the echo of fright still felt
Thrumming in my moth wing heart

Is this the same as hate
Remove that wretched emotion from my body
Extracting it like a faulty organ
Will I then be able to feel love again

Is this the same as waiting
Waiting for you
If you come along
Will I actually know
Will I actually recognise you
Will the waiting stop
Will I be able to stop and listen
Finally be able to hear the silence


19 thoughts on “for you, if”

  1. You’ll hear the silence ok, you’ve got 20/20 vision, and a heart of chocolate covered marshmallows, as long as he’s got Ivor’s 3 rules of true love, kind, compassionate and considerate. xxx

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    1. I used to have a heart of chocolate covered marshmallows… I took it out, ate it and then replaced it with a jar full of spiders. No one wants a jar full of spiders. A definitely no one wants to eat it. This is how I will stay safe.
      Thank you, Ivor dearest.
      Those 3 things are traits a lot of people lack.


      1. I don’t think they are obvious. Everyone wants to seem like they have those traits. No one wants to seem like an arsehole. I think spider heart should be my new nickname… Amberley Lemons Spider Heart Griffin.

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      2. Oh, I’m so naive, they’re obvious in Ivor(blush…), and I think other people are like me, but I keep forgetting I’m a good hearted Alien.
        I like your new title Her Majesty, Amberley Lemon Spider Heart Griffin

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