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the madness beneath

Some days I feel my crazy slipping.

My mind, the fragile beastie it is, plays tricks on me.

Trying to convince me to give in. Just relax into, give in to my madness that lurks beneath the surface. Like sinking into a warm bath.

That is when I am forced to grab a stick and beat the madness away like it was a zombie trying to feed on my flesh.

I wear a mask of sanity.

It is a thin veil but it is just enough to hide what is underneath.

Sometimes I wish to tear it off and give life to the one who is hidden. But then I smooth out the mask and continue on.

But if you were to get close enough, dare to truly look, to peel back the corners, you would see the madness beneath.


14 thoughts on “the madness beneath”

  1. I think beneath the skin you wear is another sweet, funny, kind lovable woman. You’re like nested matryoshka dolls, each one sweeter than the one before. 🙂

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    1. Naaww, Muffins, you big cutie patootie! There maybe one layer in there that is dark and stabby… the rest are sweet and made of sugar.
      This is a really old poem… From maybe… 3 years ago, so back then there was a lot of madness beneath the surface. When you burn sugar it tends to turn bitter. (yiyeah, brought that metaphor back round!)

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      1. Yes! This is true. It is very possible I have an entire layer dedicated to alcohol. 🤣🥃
        I decided I am going to treat myself to Kraken on the 11th of August… and have that party… escape day is coming up so soon.

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