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in silver, frozen

Finger tips clutch tight

The symbol of my strength

That dangles from my neck

The Dragon

The Steed

The Saintly Knight

The idea of belief in fairy tales, a comfort in the face of realities I wish to run away from

Cast in silver, frozen

Schrödinger’s cat like

Dragon, both alive and dead

Blood, both pouring and still

The Steed, galloping and statuesque

The Saint, screams and yet remains silent

I fall asleep with the talisman in my palm

Silent prayers for guidance and strength

I awake to him still there

The imprint of him in my skin

I dreamed of trying to fly

But my wings

Hacked off at their base

(Never said I was an angel)

The shriveling things lay at my feet

Needle and thread in my hand

Holding them out to the world

I cannot reach my own wounds

Just waiting for someone who knows how to suture


44 thoughts on “in silver, frozen”

  1. I know you never said, so I’ll say it for you. You are an angel, and you will fly again.
    The scene will play out, and the dragon will be slain. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Remember… The muffin emoji is coming out in… November, I think… it is happening. Because the universe loves you. And because it loves you, can you please put in a request for an axe emoji for your bestie? please and thank you.


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