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flower, when plucked

Flowers need the Earth, the ground, to be flowers

But the ground is still the ground without the flower

The flower does remain the flower, when plucked. Once a pretty little thing to look upon, but soon wilting, dying.

The ground doesn’t need anything to be itself. It is always the ground.

If someone asks nicely, I will be their ground. Sturdy. Holding. Or better yet, I will be grounded beside someone the same.


I am no one’s mother fucking flower.


57 thoughts on “flower, when plucked”

      1. I don’t consider us the flowers like that 🤗

        Look, beautiful friend, people who do despicable things don’t need to be mourned, their actions only need to be scorned. We’re that earth you speak of, but for ourselves.
        How about if we look at it this way? We’re earth and our flowers are the lovely extensions of us. Sometimes they’re cut, trampled etc. BUT, what we have unbeknownst to the people careless with us, are more seeds and tears that fill our raw soil with nutrients for strength and new growth. We’ll always be blooming, 😉

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      2. I am not mourning. This was not meant to be a sad poem. This was meant to be an empowering poem.

        I am not sad or angry for the careless actions of others. What is done is done. We either move on or dwell. We can forgive and grow and learn. Or we can hold onto resentment.

        Poetry and art comes from experience. A lot of mine comes from pain. This came from the first full night’s sleep I got in weeks and the realisation that I don’t want to be just a pretty thing to look at.

        Yes, the Earth has many seeds and tears and flowers. But I’m tired of letting people pluck me bare. Or in this case, pulling the flowers out myself and handing them over… I’m mixing my metaphors as always… 🤣

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      3. I see the empowerment definitely. It was wonderful.

        I was just responding to the suggestion of not being a flower anymore, 🙂. But also, it was a generization about people who do negative things and how to continue to view our indivual independence rather than get caught in in placing blame and such. I suppose in a way I was sharing my perspective on your piece of empowerment. 🤗

        Forgiveness is a very simple thing. Resentment is also easy to let go. I think the hardest things are seeing our responsibility for situations and how to change ourselves for no repeats. You have a beautiful outlook. ❤️

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      4. Placing blame is useless because it is all about perspective. Blaming others is just breeding negativity.
        I try to keep a positive outlook as much as possible, even if some of my work does not reflect that.
        Mistakes and failures are only a chance to grow and change and learn. Even if we do repeat a mistake, it is about effort and continuing to try. Sometimes, the hardest lessins are the ones we have to learn multiple times.

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      5. I hear you. I’ve made some repetitive mistakes. Time to stop all that shit 😉

        I can tell you’re a fighter and positive influence. Regardless of some expressive work that might have a negative tone, I certainly understand how the more passionate or darker pieces are outlets and releases for things. Saves us from espressing them in negative ways in life.
        You’re doing perfectly I think.

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  1. False. You’re my flower. And I’m your bouquet of the following:
    Dark violet peonies
    One black and one red rose
    3 daisies, one of which is black
    Poison ivy
    African violets

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  2. KISS, I’ll “keep it simple stupid”, a lovely flowery poem, with an eloquent finale, and your my Day Lily….. Oh a Saturday morning song… shit it’s cold down here…xx

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      1. Too cold for the plumber, so I’m going to be a poet for a few days, I’ve got my brother day Tina for a fewdays, which is fun for me.


      2. Too cold for the plumber, so I’m going to be a poet for a few days, I’ve got my brother day Tina for a fewdays, which is fun for me. Oh.. A new hair colour , Sweet Lilac, and a beautiful glove to match your hair style……

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