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snail to crab

Like a snail in its shell
We make our home within four walls
We find saftey and shelter
We fill our little box shell with clothes
With trinkets
With books
With photos
With memories
We tend to its gardens with love
We clean its floors and fix the leaks
But when we have to leave we are expected to detach ourselves…
…It’s just a house.
But is it?
Memories are made within our box shell
But home is not the box shell
It is the place we put our clothes
The place we read the books
Make the gardens and the memories
So we change from snail to crab and leave the empty box shell behind to find a new home…


21 thoughts on “snail to crab”

    1. I know how you feel, hunny. And it is partially perspective. Sometimes, we need to take a step back from a situation that is hurting us. I am sorry for the terrible parts…

      Ugh… moving sucks so much dick… gross dick. Lol
      I have moved house, lived in hotel rooms, slept on people’s floors with my kids… 16 moves in 3 years… I just keep most of my stuff in boxes now… what I have left.

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  1. An interesting post Amberley.

    Due to my Father’s career l had to move many times as a child, by the time l hit 15, l had lived in roughly around 20 houses and had attened about 15 schools. I don’t tend to have the same bond with foundations anymore because of this l believe. My partner Suze is looking for that perma home, and she had by all accounts as a youngster a very firm upbringing with very few moves to disturb her foundations.

    i am more of the belief and perhaps it is a nomadic view that we carry our memories with us and they are not fixed specifically in one area. But as said perhaps that is the thought of a wandering nomadic, combined with my Asperger’s as l don’t tend to attach many emotions to physical things. But l can understand the upheaval moves cost us not just financially, but personally.

    By the way l have tagged you for today’s 321 Tag there is no deadline to it, it’s an as and when if you should so wish.

    Topic – Love is, What?



  2. Moving was rough as a kid. All your memories formed around this place. You have that drawing that’s been hanging in the hallway for years. All the kids you know are in this neighborhood, even if a lot of them razz on you.

    Once you’re older and the current house you’re in is turning into shit a move is refreshing.

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    1. Yes. Moving as a kid is really rough. Moving as an adult can still be tough but sometimes it is more inconvenient than anything else (depending on the reason) Moving as a parent can be rough because you know how tough it is on your kids.

      Thanks for stopping by, Alex hunny!

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    1. It is one of those things that you think you would get used to. Stability is so important. But sometimes instability is out of our control. We make the best of our situations.
      It’s alright. You didn’t do the bad things.


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