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Too me

Too annoying

Too much

Too big

Too small

Too short

Too smart

Too mouthy

Too ugly

Too cute

Too rude

Too sweet

Too vulgar

Too trashy

Too clingy

Too unattached

Too weak

Too strong

Too nice

Too chatty

Too friendly

Too silly

Too dark

Too weird

Too crazy

Too straight

Too ethnic

Too white

Too curious

Too nosy

Too strange

Too stabby

Too quiet

Too fantasizing

Too soon

Too late

Too hopeful

Too hopeless

Too daring

Too fanciful


I don’t expect to be everyone’s something


It would be nice

To one day

Be someone’s


Things people have literally told me… except the stabby one. But I say that one too myself so I count it.


18 thoughts on “Too me”

  1. You’ve got some judgmental people surrounding you!

    I feel similar, with regards to my current job search. No matter what position I have applied for, no matter how wonderful my interview has been, I am left wondering – what was I “too much” of this time? Too friendly? Too confident? Not confident enough? Too bold? I’m doing everything I can think of and I never get the job. I HAVE hit a breakthrough this morning with regards to my manifestation, and have high hopes for that (changing what I ask for) – but my experience thus far – “fuck the lemonade” exactly. I just want to be good enough for ONE job. Is that asking so much????

    Loved this poem. Thank you for helping me feel not alone in this debacle.

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    1. I don’t have those people in my life anymore. I shed dead skin. But their words hang around in my mind like an echo.

      It is so hard to human sometimes. But I think all we can do is be ourselves. If that is not good enough for people then you don’t want those people in your life anyway. It doesn’t stop the hurt of rejection but it does make it easier to live. Because trying to be someone you are not is exhausting.
      I’m glad that I have made you feel not so alone.
      Good luck on the search. Sometimes doors are closed because you are trying to open the wrong one.

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      1. you know what? I figured that out the other day lol. I was asking for and looking for the wrong thing. Interesting to see where this goes now that I sorted that intention out!

        try guided meditations on youtube – they can help with getting the voices out of your head. self hypnosis. really empowering to listen to.

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    1. Most of the time, I am comfortable with being “too me” it is everyone else that seems to have a problem. You can’t make a square bubble, round is its natural shape. Same goes for me being me. I am my natural self… I believe that we may need to be okay with ourselves for others to be okay with us. But some people are just fuckwits. And you are not a cupcake. You can’t make everyone happy.

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  2. You’re my everything! my wonderwall, my sister from another mister, my sex robot, my grapist, my I need a broccoli in my ass, my fucking mother, my blank space baby, my BFC fo life, my princess hammerhead, my marceline, my savage garden CD, my open fire, my freakshow, my tomorrow, my lemony snicket, my vape juice, my Bowser tattoo, my party monster, and more.

    Ps you owe me one dance to shake it off.

    🖤 your honey badger

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